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Your Guide to the Many End-of-Lease Options at Volvo Cars Lisle

As you near the end of your lease agreement, you might find yourself wondering what your options are and when you should prepare. At Volvo Cars Lisle, our team is here to guide you through the end-of-lease process, regardless of if you leased from us or another dealership. Everything from how to prepare to what your options are, are things we can help out with.

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How and When Should You Prepare for Returning Your Lease?

Once you hit the 90-day mark from when you have to turn in your vehicle, it doesn't hurt to consider your options, such as if you are interested in exploring another vehicle. At this point, nothing needs to get set in stone.

When you get closer and are 60-days out, you want to look into scheduling a vehicle inspection. This inspection can inform you of any damages and allow you enough time to fix them before turning the vehicle in.

At the 30-day mark, you want to schedule your turn-in appointment with Volvo Cars Lisle. It's also good to get any documentation, extra keys or fobs, owners manuals, and other items that came with the vehicle together.

Volvo Cars Lisle Lisle IL

What Are Your End-of-Lease Options?

On the day of the turn-in appointment, you will have many options to consider. The first being to return your lease without any strings attached. This option is excellent if you have no idea what vehicle you want next or if you're going to lease or finance.

The next option is to buy your current leased vehicle. Drivers who have fallen head over heels for their current vehicle can keep it for the long-term with this option.

The last option is to lease again, this time a different vehicle, or buy a new or used Volvo. This option is popular for those who want to try a different vehicle out.

Explore Your End-of-Lease Options at Volvo Cars Lisle

Regardless of what vehicle you are currently leasing and what options you want to pursue, the Volvo Cars Lisle team can help you out. Schedule your end-of-lease appointment today! Also, feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about your options.